BA warns of serious cost problems when furlough ends

This time, as the whole industry faces the most challenging period since its inception, it looks to have the pilots union, for one, on board. As it cuts its workforce by around a quarter in response to the pandemic, its other unions may also feel impelled to follow the new route.

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Ford to make electric car parts at Halewood plant

However, Ford said that it was not currently facing the kind of supply chain difficulties affecting some other UK businesses. Additional post-Brexit paperwork at ports, which has contributed to bottlenecks for some UK-based firms, has not been much of an obstacle for...

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Virgin Galactic delays first commercial space flight

"While this new lab test data has had no impact on the vehicles, our test flight protocols have clearly defined strength margins, and further analysis will assess whether any additional work is required to keep them at or above established levels," said company boss...

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