Demand for property ‘losing a bit of steam’

Colin Townsend, of John Goodwin Estate Agents in Malvern, Worcestershire, said that house prices were still rising and that he had seen “another record-breaking month for sales in November as buyers seem to be trying to move before the stamp duty deadline”.

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Sri Lanka fuel crisis: Waiting for days to get fuel

With pressure on Sri Lanka's government to find sources of fuel, the government has reached out to Russia for help. A delegation is due to arrive in Moscow at the weekend, to discuss the purchase of cheap oil, and president Gotabaya Rajapaksa has written to Vladimir...

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Post Office scandal victims victims to get more money

The Postal Affairs Minister, Paul Scully, announced in March that this group would be put on a level pegging to other victims in this scandal, but it has taken months to lay out the process for that to take place, after years of fighting to prove their innocence.

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