Demand for property ‘losing a bit of steam’

Colin Townsend, of John Goodwin Estate Agents in Malvern, Worcestershire, said that house prices were still rising and that he had seen “another record-breaking month for sales in November as buyers seem to be trying to move before the stamp duty deadline”.

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Samsung pulls ad with drag queen after backlash

It filmed several participants' reactions as they listened to heartfelt recorded messages from their loved ones. One of the pairs of participants featured a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf as she heard a message from her son, who was a drag performer.

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Covid test firm urges end to tests for travellers

Mr Worrell said Collinson, which has a large travel business that includes running customer services in airports, launched its testing sites early in the pandemic in a bid to prop up the travel industry, which a large part of his business depends on.

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