Food waste: ‘I’ll have to throw away £6,000-worth of milk’

He says he became so angry about the disparity – particularly as supermarkets were offered the help,

which they could afford to return – that he wrote to his local MP, who happens to be Prime Minister Boris Johnson, threatening not to pay the tax, worth £118,000 a year.

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Firms warn time is running out to save UK economy

The energy price cap, which limits how much suppliers can raise the cost of household bills, went up to an unprecedented £1,971 in April for the typical household. This was a rise of about £700, and the cap is expected to rise by a further £800 a year in October.

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Heathrow Airport announces more flight cancellations

British Airlines said "a handful" of their flights are affected, Virgin Atlantic said one of their Heathrow to New York return services has been cut in each direction, with Air France, KLM, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, Brussels Airlines...

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