My Money: ‘Lockdown has been a blessing in disguise’

I try not to spend the money I earn from it, instead I save 25% of it for the trips I’d like to go on and the rest goes towards saving up for my master’s degree. In the evening I went for a walk with my family. We took the country roads, and it was lovely watching the sunset. I like taking a lot of photos and videos and so today I also had to pay £2.49 to Apple for my iCloud storage – it’s a monthly subscription. I wasn’t very hungry during dinner, so I made myself a cheese toastie, watched old episodes of Bake Off with my family and then read my book!

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Charity shops tell donators: ‘Think before giving’

However, charity shops are better prepared this time, Mr Osterley said. Take for example Stockport hospice charity, Beechwood Cancer Care. There's been a queue of customers at its Heald Green precinct. But it is only open to shoppers, not droppers, this week.

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‘I’ve no idea when I’ll be told what shifts I have’

It also found that full-time workers being paid less than the £9.50 an hour real living wage were particularly hard hit by short notice of working hours. The thinktank said the problem affects more than two thirds of people from black, Asian and minority ethnic...

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CEO Secrets: ‘Taking risks is how we found our edge’

Two years ago, for instance, he had the idea of collaborating with the creators the cartoon character Peppa Pig to draw her with a crown on her head, mimicking the crown worn by the rapper Stormzy. This provoked a Twitter row between Stormzy and Peppa which spilt over...

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