Passengers refused boarding amid testing confusion

“And when I explained that this was a valid test, it even said exactly what PCR test it was, while it didn’t say the letters P, C and R, I couldn’t convince her, and myself and 30 other passengers were refused boarding for a variety of reasons that day.”

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Taxi and food discounts offer to boost youth jabs

The announcement was met with some criticism, with Kate Nicholls, the boss of UK Hospitality calling the announcement "a hammer blow" for a struggling industry trying to rebuild, while Mark Harper MP, who chairs the Covid Recovery Group of Conservative backbenchers,...

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Heatwave risk from plans to convert shops to homes

Eddie Tuttle, director for policy, research and public affairs at the Chartered Institute of Building, said: "While we agree with the principle of permitted development rights to rejuvenate town centres, there is clear evidence that homes built using permitted...

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