Transgender struggle: ‘I had to keep who I was secret’

The issue has become contentious in some countries, says Mr Gevisser. The UK was initially considering self-determination but has since decided against this. In India, where a Supreme Court ruling allows self-determination, the government itself is now saying that some form of certification is required.

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Lower energy bill plan for avoiding peak-time use

The Times, which first reported the story, said it had seen estimates that households, which typically pay 28.34p for each kilowatt-hour of electricity they use, could potentially be paid as much as £6 for each kilowatt-hour that they avoid using at peak times.

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Landlord warning over tenant eviction laws in Scotland

Sarah Jane Laing, chief executive of Scottish Land & Estates, said: "Whether you are a landlord with a single buy to let flat or someone with multiple properties, the prospect of not being able to regain possession of the home you own scares landlords, driving...

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Russia on brink of default as debt deadline looms

"They have not got it," says Jay Auslander, a US lawyer who has worked on many government debt cases. "And the overwhelming probability is they're not going to get it."If this money has not arrived within 30 days of the due date, that is, Sunday evening, that will...

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